Monthly Archives: June 2007

I would honestly like to say that I did nothing, but really, who am I kidding? Even when I am being highly unproductive, I’m still productive. I may be reading knitting blog after knitting blog, but I’m saving patterns and imagining all the love I can share with others. I’m finding tatting sites for M, meaning she finally learns how to tat with a shuttle, which means I get MORE HANDMADE LACE! [ note: tatting is a very complicated and mysterious art that involved tiny tiny needle/shuttle things, even smaller thread, and knots. I have not mastered it, but M promises to teach me as soon as I get down to see her. When I go archaic, I go all the way!]

There has been knitting. Oh, yes there has. I am so close to being finished with my stash, it isn’t even funny. I can see the end coming near and all that silk and sock yarn and cotton coming home to live with me. Knitting in other’s homes has occurred. I came out of my cave [!] and had a really yummy dinner with some really great friends!

Sadly, my week of slovenly living must come to an end, as summer session c starts Monday, and then I have my Dad and his g/f visiting for the 4th.

I know, I know, you all have been waiting so patiently for the good stuff. 😀 Pictures!!


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This beauty is tiny. Meaning it fits my cell, my id, and lipstick. I absolutly love it! It’s %100 wool, so it’s a bit hot for the summer, but as soon as that crisp autumn weather rolls in, we are going to be one. The one issue I have with it is that the handles do not line up. That is completely MY FAULT. We’ll ignore that for now.


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I LOVE THIS BAG! I don’t want to give it away! It’s a graduation gift for my cousin, who graduated from Mary Washington. It’s a lovely dusky rose cotton I had in the stash, the design is mine, just a simple cable. I still need to line it, but eh. She’s at camp, so I have till the end of the summer. The cotton just shows off EACH STITCH so pretty, and the cables are devine. Oh, yes, they are.

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These lacy lovelies are bonnets. As in for babies. As in for other people [if I knit baby things for others, that means no baby things for me.] One is going to a cousin, and two to friends.

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Booties! What self respecting baby doesn’t have booties? These are so easy to knit up, it takes an evening [a short one] to knit a pair. I acually knit one of these pairs in my art history lecture last semester.

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Dang, innit it cute?

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This uninteresting blob is actually a knitted square. It will be stuffed.

You’ll note that the last bit of these are all the same color. This is because they come from the skein THAT WILL NEVER END. I still have more, and no more babies to knit for. That last little bit is coming between me and sock yarn. Bastard.


Those are the Lounge slippers. I finished them! YAY! I used ribbon yarn that I bought at the thrift store for really cheap. Like $2. I used about one cake of it.

This is the swatch I’m working on for a gift. It’s super secret. SHhhh… I’m using Purple acrylic yarn [the recipient has wool-issues] and a really pretty cable I found in Inspiring Cables. At least, I think that’s the name…I’d have to look it up.